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Would CLIL fit into a constructivist perspective?
The importance of good questions.
By Marta Braylan
Scoop it. September 27, 2012

Many CLIL projects or units would fit into a constructivist perspective if they were seriously "meaning oriented".
One of the most common errors of some publications that present themselves under the "CLIL" umbrella is they they don't offer real problems or questions to be solved by the students. In those cases, information is just correlated around a certain "topic" (...)


CLIL : Understanding some of the underlying principles.
Arriving to a "meaning matters" frame of mind.

By Marta Braylan

When we say "meaning matters" we mean that we must really give priority to the message a person is trying to convey.
It makes a big difference when we first offer genuine feedback on our student's productions  before observing  grammatical  mistakes. Focusing on form first, may present the serious risk of losing the genuine motivational desire to communicate that most human beings have. (...)


Some thoughts on PRIOR KNOWLEDGE
By Marta Braylan
Scoop it. October 6, 2012

It often occurs that we get confused with the concept of prior knowledge and its relationship to construction of new learning.
It would only seem logical to always find out what the students know before delivering a class or a course of any discipline. However, the difference resides in what information we would be looking for and the purpose of retrieving that data. (...)


El proceso de construcción de la escritura en inglés
como lengua extranjera

By Marta Braylan y Dolores Bereterbide
Revista Lectura y Vida, International Reading Association 1986

Resulta difícil observar el proceso de escritura de una lengua extranjera cuando se aplican enfoques tradicionales de enseñanza de idiomas. En estos casos, los alumnos copian y completan ejercitaciones y rara vez realizan escrituras espontáneas generadas a partir de la necesidad de comunicar o expresar una idea. Por lo tanto, lo que puede observarse más generalmente es la mera copia de dictados, o textos adaptados para enseñar estructuras gramaticales en una determinada secuencia. En esas oportunidades, el proceso de escritura que vemos es mucho más lento, artificial
y pautado. (...)