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Online course: Meaningful scaffolding in the language classroom

You may need an estimate of 6 to 8 hours to complete the course. You work at your own pace.

Who is the course for
Education professionals in the area of English as a foreign language, school directors, school coordinators, English language teacher trainees.


By taking this course, you will:

-dive into the concept of scaffolding in education

-learn about the art of providing support to all your students

-explore the concepts of planning and building scaffolds in the classroom

-watch videos and read about ways of anticipating the need of scaffolds

-observe a range of authentic examples that will encourage you to incorporate this type of activities on a daily basis.

Prof. Dolores Bereterbide
Lic. Marta Braylan


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This course is free from March 23rd, 2020 until further notice.
In consideration of the situation generated by the COVID19 crisis, we offer this course as a gift to our followers.

Course features:

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