Online course: Challenging and brain friendly EFL units for primary school


Online course: Challenging and brain friendly EFL units for primary school


Duration:  There are a total of 4 modules. You will be able to go through the course in one month. Every week you will start a new module. It  should take you an estimate of  15 to 20 hours total. You work at your own pace.

Who is the course for?: education professionals in the area of English as a foreign language teaching, school directors, school coordinators, and English language teacher trainees.

Overview – Objetives:

-Dive into CLIL project based learning in the EFL classroom. What it is and why choosing it.
-Learn how to design motivating CLIL units/projects for your classroom where language and content are naturally integrated.
-Analyze the main elements you need to consider and the steps required in order to design a dynamic and meaningful CLIL unit.
-Focus on main concepts such as: hypotheses formation, prior knowledge, cognitive challenge, pedagogical integration and thinking skills.
-Discover the fundamental role that text types and curricular content play as you plan a CLIL unit.
-Learn how to design an adequate learning path to arrive to meaningful learning.

Main topics you will learn about:

Meaningful learning
Activation of prior knowledge
Dig into student’s hypotheses
Learning and the brain
Text types
Linguistic Content
Curricular Content
Grammar in context
Written productions
Cognitive challenge

Prof. Dolores Bereterbide
Lic. Marta Braylan

Clip Education
issues a certificate when you complete a final assignment.

Additional Benefit:
We are offering everyone who joins this course a free downloadable CLIL unit (pdf format) for primary school ready to use with your students.

A special discount has been issued from March 16th, 2020 in consideration of the COVID19 pandemia.
The new fees are:

Euros 30
U$ dollar 35
Argentine Pesos $2000
(or the equivalent in your own national money)

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